Bluesky Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation with Launch of 5G Network in American Samoa

Bluesky Communications, American Samoa’s leading telecommunications and network service provider, has celebrated its 25th anniversary with the launch of its 5G non-standalone (NSA) network. Attendees at the launch were treated to demonstrations showcasing the practical applications and capabilities of the network, including holographic video calls, a 5G race car with 5G-enabled robotic quadruped.

Speaking at the launch event, Company CEO, Justin Tuiasosopo, said the milestone reflects Bluesky’s dedication to providing high-speed connectivity to its customers. “The introduction of our 5G network represents a significant stride towards the future of connectivity for the people of American Samoa,” he noted. Tuiasosopo reflected on the company’s evolution amidst the dynamic telecommunications environment in American Samoa. “Bluesky has remained true to its commitment of adapting to the changing business and telecommunications environments and delivering the best outcomes for the territory. Bluesky was instrumental in bringing the first undersea cable to American Samoa that changed the landscape of communication for the island and paved the way for advancing communication and interconnections with the rest of the world.

Bluesky has consistently served American Samoa through the generations of wireless network technologies and is now proud to serve American Samoa with the most recently launched 5G services. “On the entertainment sector, Bluesky was able to bring TV services and international content to the homes of the people of American Samoa through its MoanaTV brand, thus setting the foundation for entertainment services’ growth on island. A modernisation project initiated in 2022, included the deployment of cutting-edge Ericsson technologies such as the Ericsson Radio System, Cloud Core, Cloud Unified Data Management, and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solutions.

This has enabled Bluesky to offer enhanced mobile broadband and improved user experiences through its 5G network. CEO Tuiasosopo notes that the company now aims to continue expanding its network with new cell sites in both Tutuila and Manu’a islands in 2024 and will continue its investment in the broadband and ICT sectors to further enhance connectivity and technological infrastructure. Eric Boudriau, Vice President and Head of Customer Unit Regional Carriers and Utilities at Ericsson North America, praised Bluesky’s commitment to technological advancement.

“Bluesky charts a course towards a connected future where innovation thrives, communication knows no bounds, and the island stands at the forefront of technological progress,” he said. As a subsidiary of Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH), Bluesky leverages regional expertise and resources to stay at the forefront of innovation. Tuiasosopo is confident Bluesky will continue to expand: “Through the partnership of ATH, Bluesky will be able to explore newer growth opportunities and benefit from group competencies.”

Bluesky remains deeply committed to community development and youth empowerment. The company has supported youth development initiatives, sponsoring events hosted by the American Samoa Department of Education, and partnering with educational institutions like the American Samoa Community College to promote awareness of Bluesky celebrates 25 years of innovation with the launch of 5G network in American Samoa telecommunications and technology among the youth.

Of the future, Tuiasosopo says they remain dedicated to bringing the best of the telecommunication world to the business communities on island. “American Samoa with its distant positioning from the rest of the nations is exposed to many challenges, however, Bluesky has always moved with responsibility to bridge this gap so the businesses, organisations and communities on island can benefit from the services and experiences, on par with the rest of the world.”He anticipates growing competition in the future as infrastructure continues to improve, partner developments in the business landscape grow, and as emerging technologies spread to the island at a faster rate, but notes: “With our positioning in the U.S. grounds, we are confident of the continued support from the federal and local governments to thrive in geopolitically sensitive telecom environments. Bluesky takes a secure approach to ICT developments and considers good competition among developing partners as a means to raise standards for the Pacific