Amplifying Voices of Women to Accelerate Progress

Divisional Convening 2022 – Asilina Malolo (standing) of the Biaugunu Women’s Group addresses the rural women leaders during the October Divisional Convening in Labasa. Asilina was joined by 34 rural women leaders within the Northern division from Bua, Saqani, Savusavu, Lagi, Tawake and Labasa.

Amplifying Rural Women’s Voices

At femLINKpacific, we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of rural women leaders across Fiji. We believe that every woman deserves a platform to be heard, and that their voices hold the power to shape a more just and equitable future.

Established in 2000, from the Blue Ribbon Peace Vigil and a direct link with women’s peace initiatives. During this crisis, femLINKpacific provided a safe space to articulate and restore voices to communities, those that were held hostage, and their families.

From the struggle, a feminist media group emerged, linking the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 to the vision of femLINK and our future, not only to represent, but also to tell their stories.

Since then, femLINKpacific has established 14 Rural Women Leaders Community Media Networks (RWLCMN) across the country, with Levuka and Saqani recently joining our ever-growing community. Every month, over 300 women leaders gather through district convenings which then builds up to our divisional and national convenings.

These talanoa sessions co-create spaces for them to discuss critical issues that impact their lives and communities, focusing on seven key security pillars: environment, personal safety, health, community, political participation, economic well being, and food security.

Creating a platform is the foundation. femLINKpacific is committed to ensuring that these women’s voices are amplified, echoed and listened to; wherever the noise could reach. We utilize media channels to broadcast their stories and concerns ensuring that governments and policy makers listen to the voices of diverse women leaders.

These voices are amplified through our quarterly Community Radio Times, femTALK89fm Radio for, by and about women in our communities; through other media and social media platforms and through networking with our partners, donors and sub-grantee partners.

(L-R) Semaema Waqa (Nabouwalu Women’s Club), Beda Anjali (District Advisory Councillor Namau, Bua) and Temalesi Lewakila (Tacilevu Youth Group) at the Fiji Women’s Forum 3rd Intergenerational Convention 2024 on “Women Demand Women’s Leadership”.

femLINKpacific’s impact transcends Fiji’s borders. There is active collaboration with regional stakeholders and participation in international events ensuring that rural Fijian women’s voices resonate on a global stage and influence change.

Celebrating and Recognising Women Achievement and Contribution International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024 – Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress

“Each time a Woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all Women” – Maya Angelou

Investing in women genuinely empowers them to know that their worth is beyond measure. They are more likely to have superior financial performance, greater innovation and enhanced problem solving capabilities. They are better positioned to engage, communicate and coordinate with stakeholders, and successfully bring them along the change journey.

That is why this year’s theme, strikes a strong chord. Investing in women becomes a need due to the increasing effects of climate change, rising poverty and geopolitical conflicts. Civil rights, labor rights, LGBTQ+ rights, voting rights, and other campaigns have all seen the significant contribution of women.

IWD then provides a platform with which we can honor the achievement and contribution of women in all sectors and fields. It is a day to recognize their perseverance, commitment and dedication. The day promotes gender equality by advocating the reduction of gender disparities in leadership roles, employment status, education and all other factors affecting humanity.

It is a day to remind women that they are not alone in the battles they are battling, the issues they are facing and the places they are struggling to reach. It is a day to be re-energised, to be empowered and be reminded of the critical role each one plays in the different phases of life they go through. At femLINK, we promote this, by amplifying the voice(s) of women in Fiji and the Pacific.

Considering our societal make-up, with patriarchy being paramount, we believe that women and feminists alike – no matter their title, seniority or tenure; can inspire, instigate and accelerate change. We seek to promote confidence in expressing oneself, self-determination, and courage to inspire other women to bring about constructive change. At the same time encouraging individuals to challenge social conventions and advance inclusion by promoting laws that deal with reproductive rights, job discrimination, and gender-based violence.

It is our desire, for all, to listen to the voices of these rural, and marginalised women. Not only to listen but to invest in our women and girls to develop confidence, increase their productivity, remain optimistic, be a risk taker and never be afraid to stand for what one believes in.

November National Convening – with femLINKpacific’s Rural Women Leaders Community Media Network members from Ba, Tavua, Rakiraki, Levuka, Bua, Lagi, Saqani and other parts of Fiji.

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