Woman officer creates history for RFMF

By Netani Rika

THE Fiji Military Forces departed from tradition last month, assigning a female officer the task of carrying the colours of a battalion serving in the Middle East.

Captain Loraini Rokosuka Navunicagi was colour ensign for the 1st Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment during its end of quarter parade.
She is the first female officer assigned this duty in more than 20 years of Fijian military officers serving on peacekeeping duties.
The role is usually given to the youngest male officer in the battalion.
Capt Navunicagi, originally from Wainibuka, told friends she was honoured to be chosen for the task.
The colours are the battle flag of the battalion and a rallying point in times of war.
Capt Navunicagi carried the 1st Battalion colours at a parade at the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan Heights on the Syria-Israel border.

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