Vanuatu chief urges countries to clean up climate change mess

Royal delegation with Vanuatu MP Ralph Regenvanu in the shade.

“My people have not caused this climate change and we challenge those (countries) that have caused it to clean it up.

“I thank Denmark for standing with Vanuatu at the United Nations General Assembly on its Resolution on Climate Justice and I ask that you (Denmark) stand with Vanuatu to achieve a clean, green environment globally.”

Pele Chief John Maserei delivered his statement before Princess Mary of Denmark and the Danish Ambassador to Australia, on the Royal Delegation’s historic visit to Chief John Maserei’s Piliura Village recently.

The Chief said Vanuatu has taken the lead to ask the International Court of Justice to tell countries what they can and cannot do. He said he is mandated to tell his people to follow the rules to achieve climate justice for his village and Vanuatu.

In her address, a grade five primary school student pleaded with her Royal Highness to pull the relevant strings in her official capacity to support Vanuatu to achieve climate justice for her generation.

Denmark’s Ambassador to Australia thanked Chief Maserei for allowing them to visit to “learn from you”.

“It is important that we are allowed into your life, into your village and island to learn what the things are that matter to all of us,” she said.

Vanuatu’s Minister for Climate Change, Ralph Regenvanu thanked Her Royal Highness for “coming right round the world and to choose to spend time in an indigenous community in Piliura Village on Pele Island, to really see and understand the real impact of climate change on the lives of the people on the ground”.

The Princess demonstrated her island roots during the visit— she’s originally from Tasmania — as she walked through the village, meeting villagers to hear directly what matters to them concerning climate change.