Taiwan condemns Nauru for accepting One China principle

Nauru’s Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Lionel Aingimea, and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, sign joint communique (Photo: Nauru Government)

Taiwan has criticised Nauru for accepting China’s “One China” principle on Wednesday.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said it expressed “deep regret and strong condemnation” after Nauru and China signed a joint communique on Wednesday. The ministry accused China of undermining its sovereignty and restricting its diplomatic space, according to a MOFA statement.

Beijing’s “One China” principle is not based on facts, MOFA said, adding Taiwan’s sovereign status remains unaffected by the joint communique. Taiwan’s successful presidential elections have unequivocally demonstrated to the world that neither it nor China are subordinate to each other, the ministry said.

“In the face of China’s malicious suppression, the government will not yield but rather remain resolute in defending the people’s way of life, characterised by freedom and democracy,” MOFA said. The Nauru government, swayed by financial incentives, has succumbed to China’s manipulation, disregarding the development assistance and friendship provided by Taiwan over the years, it said.

MOFA called on the international community to band together against China’s “reprehensible actions” aimed at altering the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. It also urged the world to resist authoritarianism and continue to support democratic Taiwan in safeguarding peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region. Nauru decided to sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan on 15 January, leaving it with just 12 allies. Palau, the Marshall Islands, and Tuvalu have since reaffirmed relations with Taiwan.