Samoa minimum wage increases to $4 per hour

There will be more money to take home for those on minimum wage as the Samoa cabinet has approved an increase in the minimum wage rate. 

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Labour announced that, following Cabinet Directive FK (24) 25, the minimum wage will increase in two stages. 

Effective from 1 July 2024, the new minimum wage will be $4.00 (US$1.49) per hour from the current $3.00 (US$1.09) per hour. An additional increase of $0.84 (US$0.30) will take effect on 01 July 2025, bringing the total minimum wage to $4.84 (US$1.77) per hour. 

This change applies to the public, businesses, companies, organisations in the private sector, and State-Owned Enterprises..