Poll finds Brown as Cook Islands ‘preferred PM’

Cook Islands Prime Minister Mark Brown
Mark Brown

A poll conducted by Cook Islands News has revealed a divided electorate in the lead-up to today’s election, however a large percentage prefer Prime Minister Mark Brown to lead the country. 

According to the results, Brown, the leader of the governing Cook Islands Party, leads by 44.2 percent, with 16.7 percent of 120 voters polled preferring United Party leader Teariki Heather, and 10.8 percent saying they would prefer Democratic Party leader Tina Browne. 

Among the results, 14.2 percent of voters also said they would opt to have someone else as the country’s preferred PM, with 8.3 percent saying they weren’t sure. 

Asked about the current Government’s performance, 40.8 percent of voters polled said the current government was doing a good job and 18.3 per cent said they were doing a poor job, with 40 per cent saying it was fair or average. 

When asked about the Opposition’s performance, 14.2 percent said the Democratic Party was doing a good job and 20.8 per cent said they were doing a poor job, with 64.2 per cent saying it was fair or average. 

Democratic Party leader Tina Browne said that she believed her Party had performed well, and held the Government accountable for many issues over the last four years. 

When asked whether she was surprised about the results for the nation’s preferred Prime Minister, she said: “The poll results and who was actually polled must be challenged.” 

Cook Islands News also reached out to United Party leader Teariki Heather for comment about the poll results for the country’s preferred prime minister, who said he was “not surprised” by the result, adding that “it depends on how it was polled”.

Polling for the Cook Islands General Election 2022 began today.

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