Will Smith sails into PNG’s Rabaul Harbour

Will Smith (waving) onboard a boat with his crew (Photo: Karanas Comfort Tours PNG)

Many anticipated the arrival of Hollywood actor Will Smith to Kokopo would be via a private plane, however, with all eyes peeled towards Tokua, the Fresh Prince of Belair opted to cruise into Rabaul Harbour on Tuesday this week on a private yacht.

The Post Courier said Smith was warmly greeted by a few locals at the Rababa hot spring tourist site.

While the Post Courier did everything it could to catch up with the star, Smith’s crew of organisers kept tight lipped about the itinerary and were told that both the public and media had been banned from getting closer.

“Will Smith came in on a boat and left the same day to Kavieng, for now, we will not release anything as yet,” a short statement from the organisers said.

According to a reliable source, Will Smith’s crew arrived in Kokopo last week to prepare for a set to be shot at the Rabaul Tavurvur volcano.

Those who met him at the Tavurvur tourist site on Tuesday were on a “privileged list”. Everyone who arrived was closely monitored.

While Hertz Car Hire managed all of his crew’s car travel, Alpha Security handled his safety.

Will Smith and his team are featured in a National Geographic documentary on Tavurvur, East New Britain, and Tench Island in the St Mathias group of islands in New Ireland Province.

From a reliable source; “Will Smith took a canoe and sailed onto the shores of Tavurvur as part of the screenplay.”

The director yelled ‘Cut!’ and directed Will Smith to repeat the move numerous times under the scorching heat.

“It was like seeing a real movie. We took a few pictures but we were not allowed to share or post on social media or share with public,” the source said.

He stated that the excitement of shaking hands with a Hollywood celebrity was apparent among individuals who met him on his Rabaul visit.

Smith stated, according to a Facebook video of him addressing a select crowd at the Rababa hot spring tourist site: “Thank you for your kindness.

“This will not be my final visit, and I want to return. “The volcanoes here and the stunning views are the reasons we travel the world,” he said.