PNG remain neutral with issues in the APEC region: Marape

James Marape

Papua New Guineans will not be caught up in the fight between the Eastern and Western countries but will maintain its stand on being friends to all and enemy to none.

Prime Minister, James Marape made this known when addressing the PNG business community last week.

He was responding to concerns surrounding the government’s call to promote values to open markets and trade investments.

Vice president of the Business Council of PNG, Hulala Tokome raised the question to the Prime Minister on where PNG stood in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) with regards to the intense rivalry between the East and Western countries’ interest in the region.

“With more than 90 percent of our trading in the APEC region, we are blessed to be in this region,” Tokome said.

Marape said the stand of being friends to all and enemy to none is a Pangu Party Policy for 1975 and 1976 used without compromising the party’s core values of democratic principles and the core values of those they have shared common histories with.

“A look to expand the economy will ensure we maintain ties with the Asia market place and the invitation also goes to the West.

“You can buy our products, you can help by bring in new investments in our country that fills in the gap.

“I cannot stop importation of gas to Japan or to China because my economy needs as these are markets that are currently doing the forex,” Marape said.