PNG Police take video of meth session

David Manning

Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner David Manning has confirmed that a video circulating on social media, showing officers allegedly smoking methamphetamine is being investigated by the National Drug and Vice Squad.

This brings to total eight officers now being investigated by police with six currently facing court. The other two officers and a civilian are now being investigated after a video taken by one of the officers was made public over the weekend.

Commissioner Manning is not happy with the latest incident involving officers and has made it clear that a policy is being worked on in relation to mandatory drug testing and will be implemented.

“Enough is enough! We cannot allow the use of meth by police officers go unpunished, this is just the tip of the iceberg we are still investigating.”

The continued arrests of police officers within the NCD and Central command has seen commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr calling for more mandatory drug tests.

“This is one of my worse fears. The illegal synthetic drug is a very potent and addictive drug which has worrying effects on the well being of the user.”

“I will not hide the fact that certain rogue elements within the Constabulary, more specifically, the rampant in the NCD/Central, have been facilitating the trade and also have become consumers,” ACP Wagambie said.

“The actions by a few rogue elements is tarnishing the Cons­tabu­lary and it’s members.

I have mobilised the majority of RPNGC members for us to crack down on drug addicted personnel who have become traders.

This is very dangerous not only for themselves but for their families, the public and other police personnel.

“I have reached a consensus among my senior officers that we should have a mandatory testing of all personnel.

“I have made this known to our Deputy Commisioners and Commissioner of Police that we request for mandatory testing to be done.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police-Administration Joanne Clarkson said that during the recruitment drive for new officers, that all testing of officers must be done from the start.

“We must get it right from the start, the police top management is gravely concerned that from those checked last week, six were tested positive for illicit substances.

This is a small number but just as concerning for us. “The RPNGC is no place for substance users, and we will be vigilant and ensure that they are not allowed into the Constabulary,” he said.