Six PNG police officers charged with distributing meth

Photo: SLM

In a major crackdown on distribution of methamphetamine in Papua New Guinea, six police officers from National Capital District (NCD) and Central are now facing court over their alleged involvement in the distribution, trafficking and consumption of meth.

From the six officers, four have been granted court bail while the other two are remanded in Bomana prison.

 All six were charged with various offences relating to the drug.

In the latest case a man was apprehended last week for being in possession of a meth implement and a one pack of marijuana.

He was chased and apprehended along Angau Drive.

He is the fifth man to be apprehended for allegedly consuming meth.

Police confirmed that investigations continue into all the meth cases which have been cracked by police.

Furthermore, more intelligence reports have been forthcoming to help police investigations.

Deputy Commissioner of Police-Specialist Operations, Donald Yamasombi said the commonly known as meth or ice, the illicit drug, has hit the streets of Port Moresby with five grams in small plastic packets selling for K1000 kina (US$283).

DCP Yamasombi said the drug is a “ticking time bomb” waiting to explode as it continues to be used by many in the city.

“This drug heightens your senses, it gives you a high, and when a person is on the drug it can make them do things that they would not do while in their right frame of mind,” he said.

“Now imagine this scenario with a police officer who has a gun in his hand, specially trained, on high, what do you think he will do?” The scenario is terrifying with police continuing their investigations.