Plan set for PNG’s digital future

Timothy Masiu MP (Photo: PNG Department of ICT)

Papua New Guinea’s Digital Government Plan 2023-2027 sets forth the country’s vision for a digital future as it outlines the commitment to enhance public service delivery, empowering citizens and fostering innovation across all sectors.

Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Timothy Masiu when addressing the PITA conference in Port Moresby said the government’s aim to create an inclusive and digitally empowered society is through initiatives such as digital government services, digital skills development, and improved connectivity.

“With the implementation of the PNG Digital Transformation Policy 2020, the Digital Government Act 2022 and the establishment of the National Cyber Security Centre, we have laid a strong foundation for embracing the opportunities presented by the digital age.

“The world is changing rapidly, and technology is reshaping the way we live, work and connect with one another,” he said.

In the last six months of implementation, the piloted government Cloud Infrastructure is hosting 27 government agencies critical services, in addition, the National Cyber Security Centre monitors an additional 15 government agencies networks and endpoint devices.

Masiu said in August, the government through the Department of ICT will be rolling out Papua New Guinea’s first ever Digital ID Wallet, which will be built on a Federated Secure Data Exchange Platform.

“We anticipate that, with the Digital ID Wallet, citizen faced services will improve drastically and trigger in a big way the digital transformation agenda across both public and private sector.

The PITA Annual General Meeting and Business Forum Expo provide an ideal platform for knowledge exchange, networking and forging strategic alliances. “It is through such collaborations that we can collectively address the challenges, seize the opportunities and chart a path towards a digitally resilient future,” Masiu said.