NZ says we’re all in climate change


NEW Zealand Climate Change Minister, James Shaw, will speak to a public seminar in Fiji tomorrow (Wednesday) on working together as a region.

His address at the University of the South Pacific will be entitled He Waka Eke Noka (We’re All in This Together).

Shaw is in Fiji to attend the Climate Action Pacific Partnership event which begins on Thursday in Suva.

Organised by the Fijian COP23 Presidency, it is the second conference following the inaugural event in July 2017.

In March, technical experts met in Fiji

Issues addressed at CAPP will include agriculture, forests and Land use; oceans; water; health; gender and climate justice; climate financing; low carbon development; integrating Disaster Risk Reduction, climate change adaptation and Sustainable development; and decent work and just transition.

The event will create a platform to exchange ideas, technologies, innovations, experiences and challenges among various sectors and stakeholders.

It will also help to initiate, implement and accelerate climate action in the Pacific, strengthen partnerships and collaboration between governments, the private sector, investors, civil society groups and sub-national agencies.

The CAPP conference is expected to involve songs and stories intended to evoke discussions on innovative and transformative approaches to address the need for urgent climate action and investment to reach net-zero emissions.

The overall aim of the conference is to help mobilise the partnerships and investment needed to accelerate climate action in the Pacific, in support of the more ambitious target of keeping global temperature increase to within 1.5 degrees Celsius and to achieve net-zero emissions as soon as possible.