Nauru Airlines upgrades its fleet

The VIP party on board Nauru Airlines new Boeing 737-800. Photo:Supplied

Nauru Airlines has upgraded its fleet with a new 189-seat passenger aircraft.

The blessing of the aircraft took place last week at the airline’s hangar in Brisbane, conducted by Rev David Deluckner, who is also a member of the Nauru Airlines Board.

The ceremony was witnessed by Nauru President David Adeang and the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Russ Kun, together with invited guests and Nauru Airlines staff.

“The arrival of our latest aircraft, VH-AN2, completes the first phase of Nauru Airlines Fleet Upgrade program,” said Nauru Airlines Chairman, Dr Kieren Keke.

The airline’s fleet now comprises four passenger and three freighter aircraft.

“There remain two classic Boeing 737-300 passenger aircraft which have been great aircraft and have served Nauru extremely well. However, we will continue to progress our fleet upgrade and work towards also replacing these aircraft with new generation aircraft,” said Dr Keke.

The airline launched its Island Hopper Service last November connecting Palau to Brisbane, Australia. The weekly service also operate with stopovers in Nauru, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, and Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia.

“Having a fleet that serves both Nauru’s air service needs, as well as enabling Nauru Airlines to secure charter and commercial work with other airlines and customers, is essential to fulfilling our business model – to operate many services outside of Nauru, for the purpose of ensuring we can sustain the essential services for Nauru.

“This was one of the key considerations in our decision to acquire the larger 800 model Boeing 737 aircraft,” he said.

Dr Keke added: “Our team have done a great job in getting this aircraft so quickly onto our AOC (Air Operators Certificate) and into service in record time. We settled the purchase of this aircraft on the 14th of December. After some initial engineering work completed in Europe, it was ferried across to arrive in Brisbane on 23 January. To then have it on our AOC and available for commercial service by the 13th of February is a fantastic achievement, and the result of a lot of proactive hard work by everyone in the Nauru Airlines team.”

President Adeang highlighted: “Whilst we are here to welcome the latest aircraft to the fleet, the real asset this Airline has are our most valued employees, without whom we cannot operate.

“I want you all to know how much you are valued, and that what you do is not just about flying aircraft and not just about moving people or cargo from one place to another. What each of you do each day contributes to the lives of people living on Nauru. You help a whole community, a whole nation to operate, and to develop.

“Nauru Airlines is the pride of Nauru and we fly the flag, the star and the colours of the nation across the region. Take pride in all you do each day and know that what you do at work each day, matters to a nation of people,” he said.