Nauru Airlines new Island Hopper service connecting Palau to Australia

Aerial view of Palau (Photo: Supplied)

Nauru Airlines, the national airline of Nauru, announced the launch of its new Island Hopper Service connecting Palau to Brisbane, Australia.

The inaugural flight will depart Brisbane on Thursday, 30 November 2023, and arrive in Koror, Palau, on Friday, 01 December 2023 at 2:20 PM.

The weekly service will operate with stopovers in Nauru, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, and Pohnpei. This new route will provide travel access between Palau and Australia and the Pacific Island countries in between, opening up new trade, tourism, and cultural exchange opportunities.

“We are excited to launch our new Island Hopper Service and connect Palau to the rest of the Pacific,” said James Blake, Commercial Manager of Nauru Airlines. “This new route will provide new air connectivity for our passengers and will also help to promote tourism and trade in the Pacific region.”

The new service will provide several benefits for businesses and travelers in Palau. Businesses will now be able to export their products to Australia and import fresh produce from Australia. Travelers will also have access to new destinations for tourism and business travel.

In addition to providing new connectivity, the Nauru Airlines Island Hopper Service will also create new jobs in Palau. The airline will be basing its crew in Palau and has contracted with a local company to provide catering services.

The new Island Hopper Service will also make Palau a stepping stone to Asia.  For example, Filipino seamen in Kiribati and the Marshall Islands can travel home to the Philippines via Palau without requiring a visa. The service will also connect to United Airlines and China Airlines outbound flights, providing passengers with access to medical services in the Philippines and other destinations in Asia.

The inaugural flight ceremony will be held on Friday, 01 December, and will feature an Australian sizzler with food representations from the six regions of Australia. Students will also have the opportunity to board the plane for experience.

Nauru Airlines’ commercial manager Blake said community engagement is part of their core value, and they want to work with the local business community to ensure the Island Hopper Service is sustainable. The airline is also promoting Palau as a tourist destination. Nauru Airlines, a national airline of Nauru, operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft and provides passenger and cargo services to destinations throughout the Pacific region. The Island Hopper Flight Service is supported in part by the Australian Government’s Flight Programme.