Lights in Kadavu schools

By Nanise Volau

FIJIANS from Kadavu living in Santa Rosa and other cities in the west coast of the United States have combined their savings to provide solar power for the Kadavu Provincial High School.

This is the second secondary school to benefit from the fundraising efforts of the Kadavu people in the US, after Richmond Methodist High was connected to solar power last year.

This week, a group from the US travelled to commission the new solar hybrid power at Kadavu Provincial High School.

Like Richmond, the donation means Kadavu Provincial now enjoys un-interrupted power 24/7.

Principal of Kadavu Provincial High School Litiana Romanu was a very happy administrator as the school’s solar power grid was switched on this week.

“The school wishes to express its profound gratitude and appreciation to this kind assistance in the establishment of a new solar system to power the whole school,” Romanu said.

“This is one of the major projects ever done in the school since it was established. The total costing of this project was US$62,165.54 or FJ$124,331.08.”

A total of 143 students are enrolled at Kadavu Provincial, and 70 per cent of them live in the school as boarders.

Seven school blocks, one administration and office block, four students’ dormitories, one dining hall block, kitchen block, the school ablution block and 16 teachers’ quarters now benefit from the Kadavu in the US solar project.

Kadavu USA Committee chairperson Peni Musunamasi said they are happy to see the dramatic improvements in academic achievements of students since the solar power project came on line in both schools.

The two schools used to have only three hours of electricity per day from a diesel generator. Now that’s a thing of the past.

“I surveyed the needs of the school, supervised the electrical work to be done and got the best company and quotation of what was needed and aligned the solar company to the committee for the payment of the project,” Musunamasi said.

“Now the school will have 24-hours-seven-days-a-week nonstop power supply supplied by the solar hybrid system which will be of great help to the teachers and students.”


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