Kiribati government looking to get flights back in the air

Aerial view of Bonriki International Airport

Kiribati’s transport boss says his ministry aims to re-establish air service connections in the Line Islands.

The Minister of Information, Communication and Transport, Tekeeua Tarati, said part of the work is to upgrade the runways in Fanning and Washington islands.

Radio Kiribati reports the minister saying the Ministry for Line and Phoenix Islands Development has said it will assist to clear trees and cut the lawn on the islands’ airstrips.

Once these runways are certified by relevant authorities, the government will send one Twin Otter aircraft to station on Christmas Island.

Meanwhile, the Government’s new barge has undertaken its maiden domestic voyage to Maiana to deliver cargo.

A report from the Kiribati National Shipping Line said unloading of cargoes from the barge was easy and fast because the ramp is landed on the beach. This should ensure there are no more problems with the loading and unloading of cargoes in the outer islands with the arrival of the new barge Te Motinnano.