Kiribati could establish aged care hub to meet Australian demand

Photo: Kiribati Institute of Technology/Facebook

The Kiribati Government is planning to establish a hub for aged care students at the School of Nursing and Health in Bikenibeu.

This was confirmed by the Minister for Employment and Human Resource, Taabeta Amuera Teakai in Parliament.

Teakai said there’s been an increasing demand for aged care workers from Kiribati in Australia.

She said the aged care industry in Australia has requested 500 to 700 workers from Kiribati.

The Kiribati Institute of Technology only offers Certificate 1 and 2 in aged care. Students will have to go to Fiji to obtain Certificate 3.

Teakai said the aged care hub will be able to offer Certificate 3 in aged care, therefore, students will no longer travel to Fiji to obtain it. 

She said a dorm will be built by the U.S-based Millennium Challenge Corporation for aged care students coming from the outer islands.