Kalsakau elected new Vanuatu PM

Vanuatu Opposition Leader Ishmael Kalsakau

After more than six hours of the first sitting of the new Vanuatu Parliament, former Vanuatu Deputy PM Ishmael Kalsakau was elected by an overwhelming majority of 50 out of 52 Members to be Prime Minister of the Pacific nation.

President of the Union of Moderate Parties (UMP), Ishmael Kalsakau was the only nominee for Prime Minister ship after his nomination was supported by former Prime Minister Bob Loughman. However, a late nominee from the floor of Parliament Harry Iako resulted in the secret ballot.

Kalaskau collected 50 votes in the secret ballot and was declared Prime Minister by Speaker of the 13 Legislature, Seoule Simeon.  Immediately after the vote, Kalasakau was sworn in as Prime Minister.

Gracia Chadrack was elected first deputy speaker, Norris Kalmet Jack was elected second deputy speaker

Gloria Julia King, the first woman elected to the Vanuatu parliament in 14 years, was elected third deputy Speaker of Parliament while Andrew Naupat was elected fourth deputy speaker. All 52-members of national legislature was sworn in today.

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