Forum SG ‘remains confident’ in Fiji’s electoral process

MOG observer takes closer look at election results

Pacific Islands Forum Secretary-General, Henry Puna says he remains confident in Fiji’s constitutional processes to ensure a peaceful transition towards the formation of a new government.

The Secretary-General today notes he has observed with close interest the conduct of the 2022 Fiji General Election and acknowledges the inclusion of the Pacific Islands Forum in the Multinational Observer Group, saying it “reaffirms Fiji’s commitment to good governance principles.”

The MOG deployed 90 observers across Fiji’s four divisions, visited over 450 polling stations, and rated the overall administration of the polling stations on Election Day as very good (70.91 per cent) and good (28.81 per cent), according to an Interim Statement released Friday, December 16.

“I congratulate the Fijian people for exercising their democratic right through this election process, commend the orderly and effective running of these elections and congratulate all involved at all levels for ensuring the peaceful conduct of the elections,” SG Puna said.