Fiji Writ of elections to be returned this afternoon

Mukesh Nand

The Fijian Electoral Commission Chair Mukesh Nand says the General Election was held in a peaceful and environment.

The Electoral Commission is now calculating the allocation for the 55 seats in the next Parliament.

This comes as the Fijian Elections Office officially handed over the final national result tally for the 2022 General Election Sunday afternoon.

Nand said the commission members observed several polling venues on 14th December and were pleased with the smooth flow of operations on Election Day.

The final list of candidates that will enter parliament will be announced at 1pm today. The Commission will then meet with the President at 2pm to return the Writ for the 2022 General Election.

Nand said they were also present at the National Result Centre observing the result tabulation process.

Meanwhile, The People’s Alliance Deputy Leader, Manoa Kamikamica says talks continue with the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) for a possible coalition.

He said they are grateful for the number of Fijians who have voted and showed their confidence in them and their coalition partner National Federation Party.

Kamikamica said talks will determine the next step and he remains confident of the outcome.

“We are thankful to the people of Fiji for their trust in us. Well, right now we are talking to SODELPA and obviously, it is confidential … the details – but from our side, we will work hard to bring about what the people of Fiji need,” he said.

The final results:

FijiFirst 42.55%

The People’s Alliance 35.82%

National Federation Party 8.89%

Social Democratic Party 5.14%

Unity Fiji, the Fiji Labour Party, We Unite Fiji, All People’s Party, New Generation Party, and two independents did not meet the vote threshold for a seat in parliament.