Fiji stays mum on Taiwan office name change

BY: Samantha Magick

The Fiji government says it will not be commenting on its decision to ask  for a name change at Taiwan’s official office in Suva.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) says the representative office in Fiji has changed its name “due to pressure from the Chinese government on Fiji

The office was formerly known as the Trade Mission of the Republic of China to the Republic of Fiji.

It has now been renamed to the Taipei Trade Office in Fiji. Changes were made to its website yesterday.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a formal protest about the change to Fiji’s government.

The office was set up in 1971. Taiwan provides agricultural and fisheries support amongst other development assistance in Fiji, However that support is dwarfed by the financial assistance, loans and influence wielded by China in Fiji.

Taiwan’s office in Papua New Guinea was compelled to undergo a similar name change.

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