Census to give accurate population figure in PNG

Hundreds at an election rally in PNG

Papua New Guinea’s National Statistics Office (NSO) is expected to provide the accurate population of the country by 2025, with the national census starting this year, says acting National Statistician John Igitoi.

“We are now waiting for the feedback of the project document to be approved by the National Executive Council before we will start work on preparatory activities such as training,” he said.

As soon as the document is approved, they will go into the actual numeration and process the data.

The Government has allocated K70 million (US$20 million) for the national census programmes.

The census, scheduled to be conducted three years ago, was cancelled because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The NSO provides official population social demography and economic statistical information for policymaking and service delivery purposes.

He said the three basic things done to collect data were the survey, count and production of information.

“We produce statistics that no other state agencies (is doing), so we do not try to duplicate other survey and census that other agencies undertake,” he said.

Igitoi said it was a resource-intensive exercise which cost so much money.

So, they looked at data gaps and conduct the survey and census to measure and attract some of the development plans and policy that the country had. “We need to put all those things in a manner where people are able to understand the statistics that we provide,” he said.

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