Air Vanuatu to sue former Chairman and CEO

Sam Firi (second from left) with former Board of Directors of Air Vanuatu.

Air Vanuatu is currently taking steps to sue its former Chairman of the Board of Directors (BoD), Sam Firi, and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Atu Finau, for their outstanding VT8 million (US$ 68,844) debts to the airline.

Acting CEO of Air Vanuatu, Joseph Laloyer, told the Vanuatu Daily Post that the airline’s BoD met with the company’s lawyer Monday to discuss this.

The duo was given a seven- day ultimatum earlier this month to settle their debts. Firi has an outstanding debt of VT6,712,917 (US$57,768) and Finau VT1,344,371 (US$11,569).

However, the ultimatum was not met and both of them have not made any effort to repay their debts.

Laloyer added that the duo may be criminally charged as well of an offence that unfortunately, cannot be disclosed at the moment due to the fact that the police are still investigating the alleged offence.

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