Niuean musician, actor and entrepreneur: Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson

Niuean musician Glen Jackson did not know that he came from a musical family until he returned to the Rock in 1985.

“Growing up in Otara [New Zealand], my mum introduced me to the guitar, I was already fascinated with Michael Jackson on MTV, I was listening to a lot of music and was being influenced at an early age.

“When I came back to Niue to live with my grandmother in 1992, I found out that my grandfather had a family band and that my mum and her siblings were in a family band.”

When his older brothers bought some second-hand band equipment in 1994, “That was the beginning of our family band, Island Pride,” says Jackson. “I was introduced to the bass guitar and backup vocals…Eventually my brothers said Hey, you can start singing some songs as well and then I started to sing lead and it was a good introduction even though it was a scary one.”

In 2004, Jackson moved back to Auckland to chase his music, acting and producing career. He returned to Niue five years ago.

“I got the opportunity to taste both worlds – to know what it’s like to have everything and know what it’s like to live off local resources. Being resourceful of what you have, because Bunnings is not down the road for us here in Niue. So Niue gave me that aspect of life and Auckland gave me that international feel outside of the Pacific and having the opportunity to eventually tour around the world and do music.”

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