Temesia Tuicaumia: Marketer, fashion designer, educationalist

Temesia Tuicaumia is a humble individual with an upbeat personality and an entrepreneur who owns his own consultancy firm, the founder of an educational institution, an influencer, and a marketing specialist.

His clothing brand Temesia.Co was developed during his travels when he realised he needed to wear something warmer than a “sulu vakataga” during New Zealand’s winter.

I started my clothing brand because of my dear friend Samson Lee. He pushed me to showcase a collection at Wear Fiji 2020,” Tuicaumia says.

His label, temesia.co, is now stocked at the Wearing Fiji boutique in Butt Street, Suva, and he plans to open a shop in Toorak, Suva this year.

“When I first started, I had to focus on what my clothing brand identity is, what it stands for, and what I really do want to offer as a service. So, I made a plan that only designs showcased on the runway for people will be made; no custom-made ideas because I cannot physically or financially support them,” he said.

Tuicaumia has built a good relationship with a factory in Fiji that now manufactures his clothing.

As a start-up business, he has faced some challenges at the start of his entrepreneurial journey. He says consistency is important, as is finding the right people to work with, and separating your personal life and business.

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