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Emerging brand makes it to World Cup

WHEN the West Indian cricket team took the field at Edgbaston in England last month, their kit was provided by local brand BLK. It’s a brand that was propelled onto the world scene by Ben Ryan’s Fiji Sevens team and later picked up by rugby clubs in France, Australia and New Zealand.

After the huge showing at the Rio Olympics last year and Fiji’s gold medal performance, the brand lost its rugby contract but picked up rights for the Rugby League World Cup. There are also a number of deals with Portugese football clubs to provide kit for the new season.

“Sports lovers, they have international representation in almost all sports in rugby league, volleyball, rugby, basketball, netball and all others sports in the world that BLK has relationships with,” said Marketing Manager Liga Gukisuva. Adding cricket to the BLK stable has meant a lot of hard work behind the scenes but it gives the brand a huge boost.

The West Indies cricket team is perhaps the equivalent of the Fiji team in rugby – flamboyant, passionate, unpredictable, exciting and entertaining. It has a huge fan base across the world and people love to watch the exciting Caribbean brand of the Gentleman’s Game.

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