SPC, 70 years on

THIS year marks the 70th Anniversary of the Pacific Community – SPC, and we are excited at the timely opportunity to reflect and celebrate the shared progress we have made with our members and partners over the years. Seventy years ago, the Pacific Community was established by treaty. The Canberra Agreement was signed by the governments of Australia, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States of America in 1947 establishing the organization that came to be known as the South Pacific Commission (SPC), and today – the Pacific Community (SPC).

The organisation was created to support the administration and welfare of dependent Pacific Island territories and protectorates and bring stability to the Pacific after the turbulence of World War II. In continued commitment and partnership, France agreed to host SPC headquarters in Noumea, New Caledonia, where they continue to operate today, after moving from their temporary location in Sydney in 1949. Seventy years on, through enduring collaboration, cooperation and partnership, SPC has grown into one of the primary regional bodies contributing to the development of the Pacific Island region.

This is testimony to the strong leadership, commitment, and effective governance of its members and partners to build and shape their development organization with a strong shared regional vision and purpose for a prosperous and resilient Pacific. With a regional hub hosted by the Government of Fiji, SPC also has offices in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu (MSG) and Federated States of Micronesia improving our physical presence, sub-regionally and nationally, and strengthening on-going engagement.

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