India deal for Fiji hospital

THEFIJIANS could expect an upgrade to their medical health services, in light of the new private hospital partnership between the MIOT International arm, one of India’s top hospitals and the BSP Life.

Under this new partnership, the Suva Private Hospital is now under a new management, with a new entity – Oceania Hospitals Proprietor Limited through MIOT (Madras Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology) owning 30 per cent in the partnership, with BSP Life, who will continue to own 70 per cent.

The hype is generally around access to upgraded and specialised services and equipment, and specialised doctors in the medical field, that may have been lacking in Fiji. According to MIOT Pacific’s new medical director, Dr Ganesh Prasad (originally from India), said cardiac and gastrointestinal could be the key focus areas.

A pilot study is being run in order to determine the sort of patients that get drained into the hospital, and what sort of services they are after. “The lackness of those areas we would really like to try to fill in,” he said. “May be cardiac, may be gastrointestinal, may be lung related, intestine, kidney related – are some areas we’ll probably be looking at – depending on what is lacking.”

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