Explore the unknown

YOU think of what you want to be and they will take you to the unknown. That’s exactly what a prominent sports apparel manufacturer and distributor in Fiji — Beyond Limits Known (BLK) – is doing-making their apparel affordable.

BLK started off as a world rugby specialist, but over the years they have evolved as inclusive suppliers for other apparel. The company is all about empowering people to be the best, exploring the unknown, creating partnerships in achieving the unknown and at the same time provide you the win apparel. This year, BLK has taken its brand to another level. No longer confined to the sports field, BLK manufactures casual wear which includes distinctive Fijian designs.

The company doesn’t compromise on quality. A research and development team works behind the scenes to design innovative apparel. “BLK- Beyond Limits Known quality is second to nothing and that can only be felt when they make it affordable for people With the increasing competition in the local apparel and textile industry, quality is what sets BLK apart,” said BLK Director Commercial and Marketing ,Liga Gukisuva. “You can compete on the brand, price and design, but what separates BLK is the quality of the products we produce.”

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