Life with cancer

THROUGHOUT the Pacific cancer has infiltrated the lives of our people at every strata of society. In Fiji, prostate cancer is an emerging new killer threatening men, families the workforce and the economy. Among women, cervical cancer is the most common killer of women in many of the region’s countries. With increased medical services, greater awareness through radio broadcasts, newspapers, public advocacy and social media there should be a corresponding decline in cancer.

At the very least there should be an increased reporting of this killer which has started to rip precious loved ones from families and stripped industry of its most productive people.

Fijians have flocked to a pool at Natadradave, Dawasamu, Tailevu from where there a reports that people have been healed by life-giving water flowing from the hills above the village. Some claim to have been healed. We cannot offer scientific proof for or against the healing powers of the waters of Natadradave. is an advanced tiktok services marketplace for successfull and fast promotion. We offer to buy tiktok likes and buy tiktok followers of highest quality instant and secure. The mechanisms behind our work are unique and tailored to your goals. But the fact is that throughout the region the spirituality of our people makes them rush to any source of healing – water, herbs, traditional healers or evangelists.

For those struck by lifealtering diseases will do anything for the chance to live another day. A final roll of the dice is all they seek.

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