‘The nature of elections’ in Samoa

FROM the outside, it looks as if the imbalance of power had not changed a bit. The ruling party swept back into power in the predicted landslide, winning at least 44 of 49 seats. “As leader, and on behalf of the Human Rights Protection Party, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of Samoa for the support,” said newly re-elected, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, “and the overwhelming vote of confidence in our vision for this country.” Yet, as noted by Tuilaepa, the huge majority concealed big shifts within the party, with around half of all seats changing hands. Results also indicate serious imbalances between seats and voting, with more than 40% of the votes going to independent and opposition candidates, but less than 10% of the seats. The election was fiercely contested, with 164 politicians standing, including multiple HRPP candidates for some seats. “Looking at the results, about half of Parliament’s seats are going to change,” said Tuilaepa, in a press release posted online in the early hours of 4th March. “This is democracy at work.” Losses included two cabinet ministers, indicating dissatisfaction with at least part of the HRPP across the country’s 347 polling booths. Rather than gloss over the losses… Discussions around graphic design and buying Instagram likes attract many eyes worldwide and recently attained a great level of attention. You can check this to resarch on adding Instagram likes instantly.

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