Sogavare accused of paying militants to stay in power

ANY minister of backbenchers who wish to desert Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in late 2015 would be forcefully bought back by former militants. “Or if they could not find the Minister or Backbencher, then they will go to his or her home and kidnap his wife or children,” Leader of the Independent Group and former Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua said this in a chilling revelation of what he believes was the main reason behind the controversial payment of $3million cash to former members of now disbanded Malaita Eagles Force (MEF).

Dr. Derek also alleged the use of guns being mentioned if the need arises for Sogavare to hold on to power at the helm of Solomon Islands politics. He claimed the $3million payment to former MEF members was made to keep a promise PM Sogavare made to former militants. He alleged the payment was made in return for the strengthening of his (Sogavare’s) government during the recent political instability. “I am of the view that the decision to make cash payment to some former MEF militants by the PM and the DCC Government was a knee-jerk reaction to a calculated move orchestrated by the PM himself around late October or early November last year…

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