Ramrakha, a son of Fiji

Former Fiji politician KC Ramrakha, ran foul of the Indiandominated National Federation Party during the faction fighting of 1977. He speaks to ISLANDS BUSINESS about politics, sugar and life. PART TWO

The kind that every family knows only too well and tolerates even after flooding your email inbox with an avalanche of miscellaneous items. He confesses to being a luddite still grappling with technology and the internet but the sheer volume of emails in this scribe’s tells me the opposite. KC has a meticulous eye for detail in his storytelling and I get the impression that nothing misses this gentleman with the mind of a steel trap. In Deryck Scarr’s biography of late Fijian statesman, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara (Tuimacilai), Karam Chand Ramrakha is described as a “vociferous young” politician. In one memorable passage, Scarr takes the reader back some 40 years when the young KC took a trip to Mauritius, of all places, to present a tabua to the incoming president. Back in Fiji, members of the i-Taukei (Indigenous Fijian) establishment were none too happy that this improbable neophyte looked like he’d lost his way while trying to find his true calling. KC, for his part, simply thought he was doing it as “the highest token that a Fijian could give”

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