100 day plan: Cost cutting and control

 THE launching of the 100 Day Plan of the new Government says much about the leadership of Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas. Yes, he will lead. More importantly he will unite. Disunity has brought this country five governments in four years, although one was a return of the first PM during that time. This has been deplored by the public as well as the Head of State, many politicians and has been the subject of raw press criticism for years.

Salwai, however, was able to bring together parties often considered to have widely different ideologies. What they did share was the wish for unity and they all showed that the public interest comes first.The 100 Days Plan aims to put cost cutting measures in place, or expenditure controls across government, to review the tax base and explore new avenues to raise revenue.

Foreign policy and agreements in place are all being revised. Ni-Vanuatu are actively encouraged to participate in economic activities. Salwai, as leader of the pack and first amongst equals, acknowledges the present revival of cooperatives which his government wishes to see strengthened. 

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