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What is Lagilagi Estate?

LAGILAGI (Fijian for Glorious) is a portion land in what was once the Jittu Estate in Fiji’s capital, Suva. In the late 1960s and early 1970s it was the largest squatter settlement in Fiji, housing families from outer islands who had moved to Suva for employment or to support children attending school.

With no roads, electricity or piped water, the community of wood and tin shacks became a hive of criminal activity and home to the more notorious criminal elements. In the 1990s a road was built through the estate, electricity and piped water was provided criminal activity dwindled.

On a section of land at Jittu Estate, the Peoples Community Network has obtained a 99-year lease to build 152 housing units, a community hall, kindergarten and playing field. The project started with funding from the German Catholic agency Misereor which later pulled out and the Ministry for Housing. It is estimated that the project will cost $FJD8.7m.

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