In our March issue

This month’s cover package on the future of work looks at global trends post-pandemic and how they might apply to the Pacific.

Farewelling the HMAS Canberra as it departed Tonga following volcano, tsunami and COVID assistance this month. PHOTO: Government of Tonga

Tonga lockdown restrictions eased

Lockdown restrictions in Tonga will be eased with businesses able to operate for three days starting on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, said


Samoan style Samoa’s former PM, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has been found guilty of contempt of court in relation to last year’s contentious

Teleworking realities

The COVID-19 has been dubbed the “great accelerator,” as it brought an enormous shift to digital around the world. Schools and learning went online, video conference participation rose dramatically, medical services were delivered over the phone and Internet, and businesses struggling to implement their digital strategy took the leap, simply because they had no other choice.

New Pacific workers scheme to deal with “slave labour” conditions

Next month (April) a new scheme for Pacific Islanders to work in Australia’s agricultural industry comes into force, after parliamentary inquiries heard evidence that Pacific Islanders have been exploited and treated as slave labour. But comments by a Samoan official cast doubt on how much support the workers receive from their own governments.