Obese? Fat? No!

In early 2014, a group of ‘fairly decent’ runners living and working out of Fiji’s capital, Suva decided to pursue the idea of creating a platform to promote marathon running for Pacific islanders, and to use it to encourage healthy living practices.

Their motivation stemmed from concern at shocking statistics for obesity-related deaths, and the relationship between obesity and the increased risk of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even some types of cancers.

Today Pacific Islanders are amongst the most obese peoples in the world, with nine of the 10 most obese nations being from the Pacific.

Concern about these statistics led to the creation of the Suva Marathon Club (SMC) and the eventual hosting of the inaugural Suva Marathon in 2014.

The Suva Marathon Club had a vision to organise a world-class annual marathon in Suva to promote healthier lifestyles. Its core values;  a focus on aiding the local community as a whole while striving for good health for all, with passion, inclusivity, honesty, openness and integrity.

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