High-speed low-cost internet access hopes

Remote areas of the Pacific, including New Zealand, are about to get cheap and easy access to the internet. Richard Broadbridge, from communications company MMG, explains the Kacific-1 satellite system will provide what the long-standing, C-band satellite system can’t – low-cost and high speed.

The Kacific satellite is the most powerful broadband satellite serving the region to date, says Richard Broadbridge, Business Development Manager for the Singapore-based company Melanesian Media Group (MMG).

Its technology provides greater efficiency and therefore a lower cost per mbps.

Founded in 2013 by Christian Patouraux, Kacific uses the Ka-band High Throughput Satellite, designed and built by Boeing and launched into a geostationary orbit by Elon Musks’ Space-X Falcon-9 launch vehicle last December.

This is disruptive technology, says Broadbridge, adding “it will transform communications throughout the Pacific, Indonesia and the Philippines”. 

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