Remember me for nation building: Remengesau

Palau President Tommy Remengesau Jr. has earned plaudits at home and abroad. Known for his world-renowned environmental initiatives, including the famed Palau National Marine Sanctuary, the outgoing leader also passed one tough leadership test this year- keeping the nation COVID- free.

President Remengesau retires from politics in January 2021. This is Remengesau’s last rodeo, having served the tiny nation as a public official for over 20 years and a respected and seasoned statesman in the Pacific.

Remengesau is leaving the world of politics, and as for his legacy; he says he wants to be remembered as the leader who maintained a ‘Pristine Paradise Palau’.

“Nation-building has been a balancing act for me, I felt with the majority of Palauan people, we needed to preserve the best, while improving the rest.”

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