COVID-19 to bring ‘prosperity’ to Vanuatu

The Presbyterian Church Chairman of Vanuatu’s Christian Council, Pastor Alain Nafuki, has thanked COVID-19 for enabling the country to focus hard on identifying the best way towards prosperity for the country for the next 40 years.

Pastor Nafuki says God has allowed the country to face the double impact of category 5 Cyclone Harold in the north of the country and the globally devastating virus which is bound to change the current lifestyles of communities around the world.

“Already I can see that COVID-19 is likely to change the country for the better, as well as for the worse, for the next 40 years”, he says.

Asked to give an example of what worse scenario he is fearful of, he replies, “economic injustice”.

However he believes with over 90% of the country’s 230,000 people identifying as Christian, their faith will become their safety net for the next 40 years.

“I am thankful that despite our tough challenges, the Government is also facing its responsibilities head- on, equipped with its Christian faith, in line with the Nation’s Motto of ‘Long God Yumi Stanap’, or ‘In God we Stand’.

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