Taiwan trials mega changes as China watches

As the world’s first transgender government minister, Audrey Tang is probably resigned to the different kind of reactions she receives when she meets strangers. Like last month when a group of international journalists (including the writer) called on her conference room at the sprawling Executive Yuan in busy Taipei, capital of Taiwan. “I understand you are…. You are the minister?” one of the visiting journalists asked. “Yes, I’m the Digital Minister in charge of social innovation, open government and youth engagement,” replied Minister Tang. “You look very unlike a minister … the long hair …,” the journalist continued. Not missing a beat, Tang shot back: “You have something against long hair,” before she breaks into a smile. Actually, the hair was not the only unusual feature of the cabinet minister. As it turns out, Audrey Tang is not your “usual” government minister. For starters, she was a school ‘drop out.’ Her words not mine.

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