Blockchain finds a home in the Pacific

The blockchain conversation has finally touched down in the Pacific. Not only is it a major buzz in tech circles here, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is about to take a technological leap in becoming the first country in the region to create a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for blockchain development.

Behind that initiative is PNG born but Silicon Valley based tech venture capitalist Shane Ninai with the backing of US billionaire Tim Draper.

They are bringing the blockchain fever to a country where more and more young IT professionals are exploring the technology, described as so revolutionary it is a potential game changer for emerging economies around the world.

Although the bill to set up the SEZ is the subject of controversy locally, the project no doubt adds to the growing interest from companies, organisations Blockchain finds a home in the Pacific and individuals in the Pacific to explore what’s on offer in the blockchain space.

This is the technology that created what is known as cryptocurrency, the latest craze in the global technology world.

You would have a clue as to what cryptocurrency is if you’ve heard of something called bitcoin, which is described as ‘electronic cash’ used over the Internet to buy and sell.

When this edition went to press, one bitcoin was equivalent to Kina 20,880, F$13,763, AU$9060 and US$6416 to give you some idea of its value. What can you buy with bitcoin? 

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