Our wish list for the New Year

“Instead of a spirit of revenge there will be forgiveness, in place of hatred there will be love, compassion over vindictiveness, honesty over corruption, humility over tyranny, faith over cynicism, geniality over bitterness”

Conceding that it is utopian to wish for Pacific leaders to recommit themselves to making the adjective meaning of the noun Pacific a reality this year, we have to wonder nevertheless whether is it really too much to ask that leaders strive for something much more simpler and quite basic. That for 2018, they will strive to become better in what they do.

That they will listen more, understand better and work smarter. That in place of plotting day and night to see to the fall of their political foes, they will conspire instead to improve the lot of their citizens, especially of the many who are far less fortunate than them.

That school-leavers will be offered real and serious opportunities to find decent work, be it in offices, factories, farms or sports grounds, and that our senior citizens get to spend most of their time enjoying their twilight years….

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