‘Til death do us part: Village holds out against the waves

As the sun sets over Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, a gong sounds, calling the people to evening prayers. Waves crash on the shoreline, inching ever closer to the village and threatening their very

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A Holy Vow: Churches attempt a lost cause

On the black sand a child ran, face turned upwards as he chased a butterfly. Oblivious to the encroachment of rising sea levels and the gradual erosion of his village, he ran back and forth - lost in this moment. Fifty

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A cog in Fiji’s history: Site links ancient kingdoms

One account of the origins of Vunisavisavi begins with a young chief setting out from the pre-European kingdom of Verata which was, at the time, a dominant political force. With his retainers, the chief left his home on

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