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Kava exports as an economic activity

Debt traps and doing business

Tourism may be the poster child of the Pacific’s post-COVID economic crisis, but it’s not the only sector that has suffered. A

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Marshalls vaccinates fishermen in Majuro

The Marshall Islands has launched Covid-19 vaccinations for commercial fishermen temporarily in port Majuro — possibly the first Pacific island to vaccinate

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PNG vaccine expiring soon

With the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine from the Covax facility expiring next month, Papua New Guinea health officials are concerned that some may

COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Vanuatu
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Vanuatu COVID-19 vaccine rollout underway

Vanuatu has finally started rolling out COVID-19 vaccines, after 24,000 doses of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine arrived through the COVAX facility. Health care

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The new diplomacy: Vaccines and soft power

Despite efforts to coordinate coronavirus vaccine delivery on a regional and global basis, Pacific Island governments are increasingly meeting their vaccine needs