Brawn but no brains?

A couple of years ago, a Fijian who had been engaged as deck crew on a tuna longliner was ‘offloaded’ in Hong

Fisheries Fray

The Papua New Guinea Fishing Industry Association (PNGFIA) wants to widen the scope of its fishery products and fishing vessels covered by

Pacific stumbles on tuna targets

By NETANI RIKA in Port Moresby AS Pacific fishing nations end their first week of discussions on tuna, the question of Target

CSOs want limits to tuna fishing

By NETANI RIKA, Port Moresby CIVIL society groups have called for limits to tuna caught in the Pacific and better regulations around

Climate change worry for Tuvalu tuna

By NETANI RIKA in Port Moresby CLIMATE change threatens Tuvalu’s national survival through direct impact on tuna stocks. The small atoll state