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China is the superpower to watch

FIVE countries and one region are going to the polls this year to get a fresh and new mandate from their electorate,

What’s ahead

O’Neill’s to-do list PETER O’Neill as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea should expect a full on year in 2016, having starved

2016 January

Time’s up for Kilman?

FOURTEEN prime ministers in 15 years of independence, with no government serving for more than 13 months since 2012, the only predictable

2016 January

Slow growth expected

NAURU’S economic growth is expected to slow down this year with the country heavily reliant on revenue derived from finite and uncertain

2016 January

Tuna vital to Cook Islands future

EXPECT tuna to be the main focus as the Cook Islands Government of Henry Puna seeks to consolidate support from the electorate

2016 January

Small kingdom, BIG risk

WITH an extremely thin export base, Tonga’s economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and fisheries. Expect little change to the economy in