BSP Life Declares $36.8M Customer Bonus

BSP Life today announced its bonus allocation for the 2022 financial year. Managing Director, Mr. Michael Nacola stated, “On behalf of our Board and the entire BSP Life Team, I am delighted to announce a total bonus

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BSP Life pays $80million in Benefits

09 February 2023 – BSP Life today announced a record $80 million in Benefit payouts for 2022. This equates to over $1.5 million each week. Most payments were for Living Benefits from life insurance policies at $56

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BSP Life paid $67M in 2021 and $40M so far in 2022

MEDIA RELEASE5th July 2022 BSP Life today announced it processed 75,000 benefits worth F$67 million in 2021, averaging $250,000 each working day. Life insurance maturities and living benefits totalled $44 million. Death

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