Maōri king and other indigenous Pacific leaders sign up to granting whales legal personhood

Pacific indigenous leaders, including the Māori King, has urged the legal recognition of whales as persons with inherent rights. Māori leaders spearheading the Hinemoana Halo Ocean Initiative joined forces with Kīngi

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Small island, big ocean: Niue makes its entire EEZ a marine park

When Niueans are babies, their parents traditionally take them down to the seashore and throw them in the water so they learn to swim, Mona Ainu’u told Mongabay. That’s more important in Niue than most places. The

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Over 200 stranded pilot whales die on Pacific island

New Zealand’s conservation office on Tuesday said all 240 pilot whales stranded on the remote Pitt Island have died, just days after 215 whales died on a beach on nearby Chatham Island. Dave Lundquist, marine

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